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Korean-American YouTuber Jenn Im announces split from husband after 6 years of marriage

Korean-American YouTuber Jenn Im announces split from husband after 6 years of marriage
PHOTO: Instagram/Bengunsuk

Those who have grown up watching Korean-American YouTuber Jennifer Dohee Im, better known as Jenn Im, would have witnessed her getting married to Ben Jolliffe back in 2017. 

But in recent months, there have been rumours that the couple have split. 

And on May 18, Jenn Im finally addressed this in an Instagram story. 

She revealed that she and Ben have "chosen to separate as a couple" after six years of marriage. They share one son, two-year-old Lennon.

"I've been sharing parts of my life online since I was 20 years old. Throughout the years, I've always followed a general rule: Process and heal before sharing anything on the internet," the 33-year-old wrote. 

"But this is different since it's something I'm actively going through and will be for a long time." 

The YouTuber assured her viewers that she and Ben will always have an "immense amount of love and respect" for one another. 

"From travelling the world, raising Cheeki (their dog), getting our first home and starting a family — we've grown up together." 

She added that there is "no tea or drama" and it was a decision they had made so that they can both grow into the most fulfilled versions of themselves. 

"This has been a profoundly surreal chapter for us but we're finding love can morph into different forms," wrote Jenn Im. 

Jenn Im also shared that while she and Ben are no longer married, they will remain as best friends and co-parents. 

"We will always be a family and our utmost priority is to be loving and devoted parents to our son." 

She also urged the public to respect their privacy. 

Rumours of a split for months 

In the months leading up to the announcement, several netizens had speculated about the couple's split.

Some even left remarks about this on Jenn Im's and Ben's social media platforms. 

Viewers had suspected the pair were no longer together after noticing that they had not posted about each other on social media for a long time. 

The last time Ben appeared on Jenn Im's YouTube channel was in a video on Aug 9 last year. 

After Jenn Im confirmed that she and Ben were no longer together, several netizens took to platforms like Reddit to share their thoughts. 

Many expressed their sadness over the news and some said that while they "knew it was coming", it was still shocking to hear that the rumours had been true. 

Some also urged others to respect Jenn Im after she had opened up and shared this personal information with the public. 

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