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Lunching in the office? Here's how to get food delivered without having to hit a minimum spend

Lunching in the office? Here's how to get food delivered without having to hit a minimum spend
PHOTO: AsiaOne/Sophia Kuek

At AsiaOne, we take our daily office lunches very seriously, often pondering what to eat even before our first meeting of the day.

But it starts getting complicated when you're ordering food with your colleagues. As you would have guessed, everyone has different tastes. Imagine you're craving for some spicy chicken nuggets from McDonalds, but your colleagues want Burger King or Four Fingers instead.

But lo and behold, we discovered a way to solve this little problem of ours. And it's got something to do with foodpanda's new Meal for One feature.

My colleagues and I decided to put this new feature to the test by ordering a Meal for One each and recorded our savings to see if this could really change our lunches together forevermore.

Sophie: Spicing up the workday with Mapo tofu

As a spice connoisseur, the first thing Sophie did was to order Mapo tofu.

The cost of her Mapo tofu donburi meal came to $12.99, which was surprising as the price is not far off from what you'd expect for the same dish at a restaurant. If she were to order normally on foodpanda without Meal for One, she'd have to pay $15.03.

With the new feature, her delivery fee only amounted to $0.59, saving her a total of $2.04.

Ben: Back to basics with McD's

If there was anything on Ben's mind that day, it was most definitely McDonalds.

As a pandapro member, Ben occasionally orders a McDonalds meal on his own and typically must spend about $15 to enjoy free delivery on foodpanda. Without pandapro, he'd be looking at a bill totalling $16.54.

Fortunately, he's been made aware of the new Meal for One category and ordered a Quarterpounder with Cheese Meal for just $10.94, saving him an impressive $5.60.

Sophia: Subway sub with savings

I often get mid-day munchies, so I wanted to see if I could maximise the deal and use it to sort out my afternoon snack as well.

My expectations were likely too high, seeing that there weren't many menu items that fit the bill. However, I did see that Subway was listed under my Meal for One options.

I ordered a six-inch chicken ham Subway sandwich and it came with two cookies included in the meal. No need to hesitate - I snagged a White Chocolate Macadamia cookie and a Double Chocolate cookie and saved them for teatime.

In the end, the meal only cost me only $12.99, and I recorded $3.49 in savings.

Meal for one and savings for all

Our lunch that day proved to be a bargain hunter's dream and offered a convenient solution for our busier colleagues who were just looking for affordable, hassle-free lunch options.

Our only gripe was the lack of options under the Meal for One feature. The selection depends on where you're ordering from, and if your office is in a more remote area, you might find yourself with fewer choices.

But check this out - when we changed our delivery address to Raffles Place, suddenly there were way more options available.

Nonetheless, we definitely see ourselves ordering a Meal for One again for the convenience and savings it offers.

For more information on foodpanda's Meal for One feature, visit this link here.

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