Michelin to publish its first Beijing restaurant guide on Nov 28

The Red Guide will launch a new edition dedicated to Beijing, unveiling the Chinese capital's first crop of Michelin-starred restaurants on November 28, according to a press release by the publisher.

Michelin is spreading its empire in the Red Dragon. China's second most populous city (after Shanghai) will finally get its own Red Guide: "Beijing's cuisine, with its well-chosen ingredients and rich seasonings, is a jewel in the crown of Chinese and global cuisine. We hope that with this new Michelin Guide, more food lovers will come to appreciate Beijing's abundant food culture and experience the wonderful flavors it has to offer," said International Director for the Michelin Guides Gwendal Poullennec.

The very first edition should thus include the full diversity of Chinese culinary culture, but international restaurants as well.

China has long been a market that the French restaurant guide has had its eye on, releasing in 2016 its guide for Shanghai, the megalopolis where French chef Paul Pairet runs his three-starred multi-sensory restaurant, Ultraviolet. A guide to Guangzhou followed in 2018.

Outside of Mainland China, the Michelin guide has had editions for Hong Kong and Macau.