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Naomi Neo's son is the sweetest brother and there's video proof

Naomi Neo's son is the sweetest brother and there's video proof
PHOTO: Instagram/naomineo_

Blogger and YouTuber Naomi Neo is the mum of two-year-old son Kyzo and six-month-old daughter Zyla, who keep her occupied these days. No wonder then, the mumfluencer's social media is full of adorable pictures of her family, especially her little children. 

Ever since Naomi became mum for the second time earlier this year, cute little Zyla has been gracing our feed from time to time. 

And adding to that cute curation of pictures and videos, is another heartwarming video of Naomi's son Ky. He was captured being the most adorable older brother to little Zyla.

Naomi Neo's son Kyzo is the perfect older brother

Sharing the video on Instagram, Naomi wrote, "Was in the midst of a convo that day when I suddenly realised Ky disappeared… to his sister’s nursery WHILE SHE WAS NAPPING. Had a mini panic attack cos I thought he was up to some mischief — but oh myyyy, I was so surprised with his sweet little actions esp when no one was watching [sic]."

The video that appears to be from the home security camera shows Kyzo entering Zyla's nursery. He finds Zyla to be awake and immediately starts playing with her, dropping cute kisses on the little one.

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He then goes on to grab Zyla's toys and hands them over to her, while she enjoys all the love and attention from her older brother. Kyzo then goes on to perform his happy dance. 

What's really special is that Kyzo did all of this when no one was watching, making all of his actions truly genuine. Surely, for mum Naomi, this must warm her heart. 


Netizens are in love with Naomi Neo's son

The video is sure to put a gleaming smile on your face. And nearly everyone who has seen the video really wants an older brother as cute as Kyzo. 

One user aptly described the video as "Big brother duty!"

Another wrote, "Responsible big brother Ky. Super cute, he'll be protective and loving to Rey."

One user exclaimed, "HAHAHAHAHAH KY plssss wholesome content…[sic]"


Nearly every other follower on Neo's video commented how they were in awe of Kyzo. 

Naomi Neo's video is a special reminder of siblings in our lives. They are our first friends, confidants, enemies, competitors and so much more. 

Even then, whenever there's a bigger problem, your sibling will stand by your side like a strong pillar. And while siblings drift apart as they grow up, move houses, change cities and start a families of their own, let's not forget all these adorable moments that you've shared. 

Kyzo and Zyla certainly remind us of our own siblings and maybe a few phone calls will be in order. 

This article was first published in theAsianparent.

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