To paktor or not to paktor: Survey shows that 69% of singles in Singapore feel safer going out with a vaccinated date

Tuesday, Jun 15, 2021

Thanks to the pandemic, all of us have adjusted our lives to adapt to the new norm. During this period, couples have been pushed to get more creative with their paktor plans, which includes virtual dates, car outings and spending more time at home.

Bedroom activities have also seen some significant changes. 

However, what about singles who want to go out with someone they've never met before?

Well, it seems that beyond curbing the spread of Covid-19, vaccination could help some feel better about getting back into the dating scene, according to the results of a recent survey by dating agency Lunch Actually.

Would you date someone who isn't vaccinated?

When it comes to dating apps, singles only have the profiles of their potential dates to refer to before making that decisive swipe.

Therefore, to keep up with the times, some dating apps such as Tinder and Hinge have added features allowing users to display their vaccination status on their profiles.

As it turns out, this could help some people make their decision on whether to swipe left or right.

Out of the 650 singles in Singapore surveyed, 72 per cent say they would prefer to date someone who shares the same views regarding Covid-19 and vaccination.

Additionally, 35 per cent of respondents say that it's crucial for their potential date to have been vaccinated prior to the meet-up, while 69 per cent of them say they would feel safer going out with someone who has gotten jabbed.

'It's not a deal-breaker'

Despite that, 74 per cent of the respondents also say that they are still open to the idea of meeting someone who has not been vaccinated or is not willing to the vaccinated.

"There could also be valid reasons why someone may not be able to get vaccinated such as allergies," explains Violet Lim, CEO and co-founder of Lunch Actually.

She also adds that singles "do not want this to hinder their chances of getting a match and writing them off immediately just based on their vaccination status".

One 50-year-old respondent, identified only as SC, shares the same sentiments. She explains that while it's "good to have" someone who is vaccinated, "it's not a deal-breaker".

"Profile, character, values and life stages are more important considerations than being vaccinated. However, everyone should comply with safety measures and precautions," she says.

According to the Ministry of Health, as of June 7, over 2.5 million people have received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccination while around 1.9 million have completed their full vaccination regimen. In total, about 4.4 million doses of the vaccine have been administered.

Additionally, as of Friday (June 11), first day that Singapore extended the vaccination programme to those between the ages of 12 and 39,  group, 73,000 people in that age group have booked their vaccination appointments. 

While looking for love in such tumultuous times can be interesting and somewhat thrilling, do remember that safety and health always comes first.