Researchers detect Covid-19 in breast milk

PHOTO: Unsplash

German researchers have found Covid-19 in human milk, Dr Thira Woratanarat, Chulalongkorn University’s professor of medicine, informed on his Facebook page.

The discovery was published in The Lancet journal this month, he said on Tuesday (May 26).

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Parents of newborn both had Covid-19
Parents of newborn both had Covid-19

The researchers, according to the journal, tested two women, who had given birth to babies, using reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction procedure.

The virus was found in one mother on the ninth day of her infection, and in the other two days.

The researchers estimated that around 94,800 to 132,000 viruses are live in each cubic centimetre of breast milk, and found this mother’s infant infected by the virus as well.

However, the researchers could not conclude whether the infant had contracted Covid-19 from its mother or from other sources.

Thira said that this research would lead to proper ways to treat those who are pregnant or had given birth to babies.

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