Singapore teen writes song about how Old Chang Kee sotong heads are always sold out, gets sent a box of it

Singapore teen writes song about how Old Chang Kee sotong heads are always sold out, gets sent a box of it
PHOTO: TikTok/Emmuhraeee

Instead of singing for your supper, how about singing for… sotong heads?

One teenager in Singapore did exactly that.

TikTok user Emmarae Sabigan, or Emmuhraeee as she's known on the video-sharing platform, shared her love and longing for the deep-fried squid tentacles from Old Chang Kee.

In a video posted to her account on Thursday (Sept 8), Emmarae stated that her message was "for Old Chang Kee and Old Chang Kee only", complaining that her favourite item on the menu is "always sold out".

"Old Chang Kee, I love you, I bought a sotong head, but right, this was the last sotong head.

"Every time I go to Old Chang Kee, the sotong head is always sold out," she added.

So she decided to take matters in her own hands — by writing a song about it, naturally, with lyrics that reflect her deep yearning for the elusive seafood on a stick.

"It's two in the afternoon, all I'm craving now is some of that good Old Chang Kee food. But when, I look through the glass, I see the one I want is gone. You're not there."

"All I want is my sotong head. Sotong head, where are you?"



♬ original sound - emmarae🧌

The 50-second tune soon received more than 5,800 likes and over 160 comments, with some expressing agreement with the squid 'shortage'.

Many also clamoured for Old Chang Kee's attention on Emmarae's behalf.

And notice they did.

In an update posted on the same day, Emmarae shared that representatives from Old Chang Kee had contacted her.

"They contacted me… I'm going to get a box of sotong heads," shared Emmarae, adding with obvious delight, "Ohh I'm so happy!"

@emmuhraeee #stitch with @emmarae🧌 ♬ original sound - emmarae🧌

Speaking to AsiaOne, the talented 17-year-old shared that she took less than 15 minutes to compose the tune.

She also shared that the song doesn't really have a title yet. 


"When I wrote it, I labelled it in my notes as 'my song for Old Chang Kee', but my friends and I have just been referring to it as 'sotong head'."

Emmarae, who's currently a Year 1 Temasek Polytechnic student, expressed surprised when she first received the message from Old Chang Kee, as it was "only about three hours after I posted the video".

"I was at CCA (co-curricular activity) training yesterday and I just started screaming."

Emmarae also shared with us that she's just got her busking licence and will be performing at Orchard Road opposite Ion Orchard this Sunday so you know where to look if you want to hear more of her original tunes and covers.

But maybe don't wait for the sotong head song.

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