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Thinking of buying a car? Which type of car suits you?

Thinking of buying a car? Which type of car suits you?
PHOTO: sgCarMart

Whether you're thinking of getting a new car or a used one, make sure you get one that will serve you best with this guide to the pros and cons of the different bodyshapes.

We look at what will best suit you in the article!

1. SUV

Short for Sport Utility Vehicle, the term SUV was traditionally used to describe vehicles that were built using a body-on-frame platform.

However, consumer demand for better road manners has seen even large and off-road capable SUVs being built atop monocoque chassis as well.

There remains little consensus on what exactly separates an SUV from a crossover, although generally the name SUV is more likely to be applied the larger the vehicle is, while the term crossover tends to be used for smaller vehicles.

Why get an SUV?

Generally, SUVs, as the name suggests, are bought because they offer their owners greater utility.

Because of their large size, owners can generally expect a spacious interior, on top of a rear hatch that makes loading tall items easier compared to a traditional sedan.

If you're buying a car and looking for something large, getting an SUV will definitely allow you to tower over others, useful if you easily get intimidated on the road. Use the added height to spot dangers ahead when driving on the highway.

SUVs also come with a greater ride height for crawling through uneven terrain off-road, a factor that hardly matters in Singapore.

However, if you're looking at an SUV that comes with a set of tyres with a generous sidewall, the combination might be able to save you from damaging your rims or side skirting should you get too close to a kerb.

Those currently looking for an SUV with off-road prowess currently have

But if you're looking for off-road ability in something a little more manageable in narrow parking spaces, there's also the Suzuki Jimny to consider.

2. Crossovers

The smaller cousin to the SUV, crossovers are typically built atop raised hatchback and sedan platforms.

They are thus named so because they are said to deliver a cross between the advantages of a regular hatchback and those of an SUV.

Why get a crossover?

Crossovers are generally bought by those looking for all the practicality of an SUV, but don't want the difficulty of manoeuvring a large vehicle or its added fuel consumption.

If keeping up with trends and driving something that will keep up with your active and outdoorsy lifestyle is what you are all about, a crossover might just be for you.

Crossovers are now all the rage because they are generally as easy to drive as a conventional sedan or hatchback, but you still get the much-coveted hatch at the rear, as well as the higher hip-point of the seats which allow for easier ingress and egress if you're getting weak at the knees.

Looking for a stylish crossover with loads of boot space? The Mercedes-Benz GLB is one interesting if slightly pricy proposition with its boxy silhouette and the fact that it can be used as a seven-seater.

But if it is truly compact proportions you are after, the new Volkswagen T-Cross also offers loads of practicality thanks to its sliding rear bench, offering owners the option to trade between rear passenger legroom or cargo space.

3. MPV

Short for Multi-Purpose Vehicle, the MPV is designed for those that regularly need to ferry more than four passengers.

Why get an MPV?

Globally,  MPVs have fallen out in popularity against the many seven-seat SUVs available.

However, if your children are all growing into lanky teenagers or if you have the pickiest of in-laws, you might want to still try one out, as MPVs will still offer you the easiest ingress and egress, and are more likely to offer those in the third-row more space compared to a similarly sized SUV.

Shopping for a new car for your precious ones? Buying an MPV with sliding doors at the rear will ensure that you have maximum space to install those child seats.

If it is fuel economy you're looking for in your MPV, why not check out the Nissan Serena e-POWER?

It's packed with cupholders so your children will have plenty to drink on longer trips, but sports a unique drivetrain that only sips fuel while also delivering a buttery-smooth drive.

Also be sure to make the most out of the falling popularity of MPVs by hunting for an affordable one at out used car listings

4. Hatchback

Hatchbacks are so named because of their upward swinging rear door, which provides a larger access space into the boot area.

Why get a hatchback?

Hatchbacks cater to wide variety of shoppers. Ever versatile, they offer plenty of interior space for their footprint, give you the ability to transport a decent amount of luggage with their rear hatch and foldable rear bench, and some are even designed to give you plenty of power and neat handling for the buck!

The new  Volkswagen Golf has yet to arrive in Singapore, so those looking for the quintessential hatchback are for now forced to look elsewhere.

Thankfully, there are still many options available. If you're willing to sacrifice some practicality for style in your hatchback, you can't go much wrong with a  MINI.

And if it is blistering performance you're looking for, the  Renault Megane impressed us back in 2018 with its tight and well-balanced chassis. But of course, you could always wait for the new RS i30 N or the Golf GTI to arrive here in Singapore!

5. Sedan

Sedans used to be the popular choice before shoppers moved into crossovers and SUVs.

Should you overlook a sedan just because they are falling out of fashion? Not necessarily.

Why get a sedan?

If your pockets are deep enough for one, getting a full-sized sedan still allows you to make a statement without coming off as too ostentatious.

If that sounds like an appealing option, you could wait until the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class makes landfall here in Singapore, or opt for the excellent BMW 7 Series.

But even if you're not intending to splurge on your car, there are still plenty of sedans out there that still manage to pull off stunning looks. Those looking for a sensible commuter have they Hyundai Avante, for example.

And if you're looking for something with quite a bit more horsepower wrapped around a classy and discreet exterior, why not also check out the Mercedes-AMG A35 Saloon?

And if it is practicality that you're looking for, do also consider fastbacks such as the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid or the Audi A5, which still give you the practicality of four passenger doors plus a liftback rear for easier loading and unloading of your luggage.

This article was first published in sgCarMart.

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