Top 5 tips to build a well-balanced maximalist home

One of the easiest ways to bring energy to a room is with colour. Maximalism is about all colours in any combination.
PHOTO: Home & Decor

Everyone knows that minimalism is about removing clutter but it may surprise you to learn that decluttering is essential for a chic maximalist interior too.

That is why maximalism is not chaotic when done right; it is a result of deliberately curated choices. So, how does one do maximalism effectively? Here are the top tips.  

1. Colour

One of the easiest ways to bring energy to a room is with colour. Maximalism is about all colours in any combination. There is no right or wrong.

Just pick a colour or colours you love. If your choice is a mix of bold colours, make sure you incorporate some neutral elements to add balance.

2. Pattern

PHOTO: Home & Decor

This can be done through rugs, upholstery or wallpaper, or a combination of all three.

Experiment with layering patterns of different scale. Ensure sufficient, negative space, so your eye has a place to rest.

This study mixes different patterns with varying scales, all in black and white.

3. Texture

PHOTO: Home & Decor

Combining different textures can take maximalism to the next level. Metallic elements, sumptuous velvets, feather trims and tassels can all be combined to bring visual and tactile diversity.

This master bedroom features a rich mix of textures that invites one to look closer and luxuriate.

4. Symmetry

PHOTO: Home & Decor

With so much visual stimuli, symmetry will keep the room looking balanced, allowing you to add multiple layers, yet still retain a harmonious feel.

A pleasing symmetry in a dining room by Design Intervention above looks luxurious and feels harmonious.

5. A cohesive element

PHOTO: Home & Decor

It is important to establish a link, or visual thread, that runs throughout the scheme so the interiors feel connected, even with a mix of colours, patterns and textures. This could be a colour, or a motif.

Bold tropical print, sculptural table lamp, parquet flooring and organic-shaped coffee table in the living room above are part of the same cohesive theme: Nature.

6. Restraint

Oops, did we say 5? Here's an extra important tip: Restraint. Just because we can, doesn't mean we should. Successful maximalist style is a meticulous balancing act.

These rooms can be bright, bold and mismatched, yet each element is carefully curated to achieve a style that inspires and revitalises, rather than overpowers.

This article was first published in Home & Decor.