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UE Square izakaya chef dies suddenly at 40, was planning to open own restaurant

UE Square izakaya chef dies suddenly at 40, was planning to open own restaurant
Chef Hideyuki Tanaka
PHOTO: Facebook/DaisukeToyama

Hideyuki Tanaka, the executive chef of MoboMoga, a Japanese izakaya at UE Square, has died of a brain haemorrhage. He was 40.

Restaurant owner Daisuke Toyama announced the news in a Facebook post on April 20, sharing that Hideyuki had collapsed suddenly on Sunday (April 17) afternoon after working out at the gym.

Although he was declared brain dead, his heart continued beating for over 63 hours until his family flew in from Japan to see him, Daisuke said.

The incident happened just days before Hideyuki was due to sign a contract and make his dream of opening his own restaurant a reality, he said.

"Those who knew him must have been looking forward to it. Thanks to you (Hideyuki), MoboMoga has become a thriving restaurant with you at the helm."

The Japanese chef had some 20 years of experience under his belt and was previously the head chef of Michelin-starred Ginza Rokukakutei at Odeon Towers.

Daisuke's post prompted an outpouring of condolences from customers and those who knew Hideyuki.

One commenter wrote in Japanese: "It's a little hard to accept right away. I want to believe it's a lie."

Another said: "He was a very young and happy man. I still can't imagine that he's not alive anymore. My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones."

Hideyuki's wake will be held at Direct Funeral Services Memorial Hall and ends at 6pm today. He will be cremated this evening.


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