Line 'em up... if you can

Do you know how many calories are in your favourite hawker dishes?

We've all got our go-to hawker food we love to eat. Our local favourites are delicious, but some of them can also be high in calories; yet increasingly-health conscious consumers often find that with a little creative balance, they can still enjoy these meals as part of their overall diet. The key to this is moderation and balance, and that involves understanding your recommended daily calorie intake (and output), and having meals that sit within this figure.

To help us make more informed decisions on what to eat, we need to find out how many calories are in our hawker favourites. Test your knowledge and see how well you really know those oh-so-familiar foods and drinks


Now let’s have a look at how many calories are in the rest of our favourite hawker staples...

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Ban Mian: 475 kcal

Hokkien Mee: 522 kcal

Lor Mee: 595 kcal

Mee Siam: 694 kcal


Chicken rice: 617 kcal

Duck rice, with roasted duck meat: 672 kcal

2 stir-fried meat / poultry / fish + 2 veg + rice: 760kcal

Nasi briyani with meat / chicken: 815 kcal


A glass of teh tarik: 127 kcal

A glass of kopi, with evaporated milk and sugar: 113 kcal

A glass of cola: 105 kcal

A glass of grass jelly drink: 97 kcal

*Calories are calculated based on a 250ml glass

Supper dishes

Murtabak, with meat/chicken: 1,029 kcal

Mee goreng: 692 kcal

Nasi goreng sayur (vegetable fried rice): 920 kcal

Roti prata, with egg: 341 kcal


Cheng tng: 188 kcal

Ice jelly + cocktail fruit: 213 kcal

Ice kachang: 252 kcal

Chendol: 386 kcal

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**Figures of calories stated here are referenced from HPB’s iDAT app and HPB’s Energy & Nutrient Composite of Food.