Little India riot: Have we made them feel at home?

While it is important to thank the police for restoring order, it is equally vital to reflect on the underlying causes of the Little India riot.

All Singaporeans have a stake in ensuring the happiness of their fellow residents - both local and foreign - and the social stability that results from it.

Have we truly done our part in making foreign workers feel at home in Singapore?

This means providing safe and comfortable living and working conditions to every one of them; it means extending compassion to them, and realising that xenophobia is senseless in a world that is so globalised and in a country that is so cosmopolitan.

We should not sympathise with those who use violence to express discontent. But we can sympathise with the frustration and desperation of foreign workers.

We have a duty to address the unhappiness of all Singapore residents, to achieve a deeper and more lasting sense of harmony.

Risa Tan Xuan Ying (Miss), Reader

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