Local presenter Danny Yeo's home has lots of books, art and alcohol

SINGAPORE - At popular local presenter Danny Yeo's Leonie Hill condo home, there are a lot of books, art and alcohol.

He moved into his current place two years ago, after living in the city area for over a decade. He chose to move from his previous home as he did not like the noise from a nearby MRT station construction site.

He also laughs and says that the price of his house would also be higher with the building of an MRT station in the vicinity.

Mr Yeo appreciates the peace and quiet of Leonie Hill, and enjoys sitting on his balcony while reading the newspaper, having meals, sipping on his coffee or having a few drinks.

"With my condo being on a hill, traffic is not too heavy. I like this kind of quiet environment," he told Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao.

The condo is about 1,000 sq ft in size, and he drew inspiration after participating in a furniture design exhibition in Milan.

Mr Yeo designed his own clothes wardrobe, and explains the details that went into it. "I gave the designer my design, and I took the initiative in everything from how to split the drawers, the size of the cupboard, and even what items would be placed in the different compartments."

In his bedroom there is also a dark coloured mirror, which he jokes gives the room a more sexy atmosphere.

Walking into the unit, one is immediately confronted by a giant bookshelf that has more than 1,000 titles.

"I feel that books reflect an owner's tastes, hobbies and personality," he tells Wanbao. "There have been times when I've referred to books here that cannot even be found in libraries when I'm writing scripts."

He says that he has so many books that he gives away 20 to 30 titles every year. "If I don't, then there would not be enough space to store all of them," he says with a laugh.

Mr Yeo's house clearly has Northern European influences, with strong wood and beige tones that exude a warm feeling.

He dislikes white light, and the whole place features yellow lighting, but he says it is not a problem when he has to do work.

"I do my work in the day, working near windows and using the natural light. When it gets dark, I will put my work aside," he explains to the Chinese evening daily.

Other than books, Mr Yeo also displays an appreciation for art. His home has about 10 pieces of modern and abstract art, including works from Zhang Dali, Fan Shaohua, and Song Wei.

Mr Yeo also has a wide selection of almost 100 bottles of liquor. He tells Wanbao: "I keep different types of wines and whiskys, and have about 80 bottles of wines and about 10 bottles of whisky in my collection."

Other than art and wine, another interesting feature of the home is the number of different chairs he has. "I always buy just one of each chair, and support local designer Nathan Yong's designs. I feel this gives the place more personality, as each piece is unique."