Love vintage? Use the style in your home!

Like all things vintage but not sure how you can get the look at home? Be inspired by these ideas!

1) Use old fashioned grills as partitions

The minimalist master bedroom gets a touch of nostalgia with old-fashioned accents such as a recycled metal grille gate and lace drapes, which also serve as a screen for the walk-in wardrobe.

(Design: Momo & Partners)

Accordion gates now stand in place of a solid wall that once zoned a bedroom from the stairway entrance. This grungy feature adds to the retro-inspired common area and kitchen.

(Design: WY-TO)

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2) Old items can be upcycled to serve a new purpose

Sewing machine legs, bought from a vintage shop, have been fitted to create a nostalgia-tinged table.

(Design: Io Man Style Kounsel)

The retro console and TV set channel a bygone era

(Design: JQ Ong/The Association)

3) Just use the good ol' vintage pieces

Peranakan tiles, a vintage fan, dining table and chairs easily brings back a sense of nostalgia.

(Design: Aster by Kyra)

An inviting vignette is made up of the owner's retro-inspired gadgets.

(Design: ID Emboss)

This rustic vintage locker in your study will bring you back to the day.

(Design: 19sixtyseven)

4) Vintage accessories to complement the look

Vintage posters can keep your decor style consistent.

(Design: Distinctidentity)

Vintage glassware in a mid-20th century-style cupboard is the epitome of vintage!

(Design: Design Channel)

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