Mad scramble for food at AGM

I have been attending company annual general meetings (AGMs) regularly, and one constant feature is the rush for food immediately after such meetings.

Recently, I attended an AGM in a five-star hotel. After the meeting, there was a mad scramble to get to the adjoining room where finger food was served.

People started jostling as soon as the hotel staff opened the doors, and someone even fell on the steps.

I observed people piling several portions of food from each tray onto their plates before emptying the plates into food containers they had with them.

Some even hogged the buffet tongs, depriving others of the chance to try different dishes.

The food trays were emptied in less than half an hour. This meant that people who stayed behind to speak to key officials had nothing to eat.

Those who revealed their ugly side belong in the minority, and have no interest in the proceedings.

To avoid the hassle of buffets, some companies have adopted the practice of giving out lunch boxes or even food vouchers.

As these AGMs show, we have still some way to go in displaying consideration and graciousness.

Andrew Seow


This article was published on April 13 in The Straits Times.

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