Mailbox: Don't turn Jurong Lake Gardens into tourist playground

AS A resident of Taman Jurong, I am concerned that the plans to transform Jurong Lake District will cause the park to become not only a "people's garden" but also a tourist attraction ("Lakeside area will get 'people's garden'"; Monday).

Over the years, Jurong Lake Park, the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden have evolved into a distinct heartland park much loved by Jurong's heartlanders.

It may not bustle with activity like other parks, but has its own vibe - it draws regular joggers, cyclists, anglers, groups that practise various exercises and martial arts, as well as students from nearby schools who exercise or canoe there. It is a piece of tranquillity and greenery.

However, it is true that the facilities there are lacking, and that existing ones are poorly maintained.

While I look forward to the new Jurong Lake Gardens, I urge the Government to be sensitive when transforming this area.

I hope it will not make the Gardens a tourist playground.

Waterfront hotels and a future tourist attraction are slated to be built on a part of the existing Jurong Lake Park, right next to where the new Gardens will be.

These developments will transform the whole area into a tourist playground.

Tourist attractions in the area, such as the Tang Dynasty Village, have failed in the past.

It was heartlanders who kept the area going and made it a part of their home.

Let the Gardens be a true "people's garden".

Give us the facilities and we residents will rekindle the heartland vibe in our own neighbourhood.

Chan Ching Wei (Madam)

This article was first published on August 22, 2014.
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