Majority of sick leave applications occur on Mondays

PHOTO: Majority of sick leave applications occur on Mondays

SINGAPORE - Employees going to work on Monday morning had some of their Monday blues cured, thanks to a cheerleading squad there.

The cheerleaders were hired by jobsDB to cheer people up while they were on their way to work.

According to the job portal, Singapore workers feel the Monday blues most strongly on Monday mornings, from 7am to 11:30am. A survey of 4,300 Singapore workers found that the 'Mondayitis' condition includes feelings of anxiety, fatigue and general unhappiness that the week has begun, jobsDB said.

Job dissatisfaction can dramatically increase the likelihood of 'Mondayitis', it added.

In the survey, 70 per cent of employers in Singapore reported that they receive more Medical Certificates (MCs) on Monday than any other day of the week, while 72 per cent said that employees are most commonly late for work on Monday mornings.

Even the workers agree - 44 per cent of workers say they are least productive on Mondays, and 77 per cent say it is their least favourite day of the week.

Singapore workers also choose to take part in certain activities to help them get through the day. These include drinking coffee (55 per cent), chatting with colleagues (48 per cent), surfing social networking sites (27 per cent) and eating junk food (21 per cent).