Make playgrounds part of Singapore's heritage

I refer to the SundayLife! report, At Play With Monsters And Fruits (Jan 26) on the disappearing retro playgrounds in Singapore.

Sadly, many of these iconic playgrounds have made way for development. They played a part in my childhood and are a part of Singapore's history.

They should be restored to their former glory with each playground having its story displayed alongside.

There should also be educational exhibitions on these playgrounds in schools. This will teach the young to appreciate Singapore's history and encourage them to play outdoors. Artistic competitions that feature these playgrounds could boost public awareness. Designers could create miniature replicas of these playgrounds for public viewing.

I urge the authorities to carry out regular maintenance of these playgrounds to preserve Singapore's happy memories and heritage.

Darren Chan Keng Leong

One playaground structure in the shape of a pelican was situated in my neighbourhood in Lorong 8, Toa Payoh. My sister, who lives in Rome, came to visit with her granddaughter, Tian, who was then five years old.

Tian spent many happy hours at the playground and loved to sit inside the gap which forms the eye of the pelican. When she came back some years later, she discovered to her dismay that the pelican was gone. In its place was a "new-generation" playground. She burst into tears. She could not understand why it was taken away. I feel the same way too. There is no need to make everything new. What happened to "recycle, reuse, reduce"?

Sophia Tay

The article At Play With Monsters And Fruits brought back childhood memories for me.

While everyone is talking about the dragon playgrounds, how about the merry-go-rounds? I can still feel the thrill of rushing up to the spinning merry- go-round and going in circles with the breeze in my face. Are there any merry-go-rounds now?

Yip Huixian

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