$115 in drugs will do to join sex party

PETALING JAYA - One does not need cash to take part in wild sex parties - the organisers will allow guests to pay the RM300 (S$115.30) "cover charge" in the form of drugs.

Among the popular drugs sought by the organisers are Eramin 5, ecstacy, ketamine, ganja and methamphetamines.

A regular participant, who only wished to be identified as Ryan, said it was not always necessary to pay in cash to join such parties as organisers have opted for drugs in lieu of the entrance fee.

"They will let us know in advance," he said.

Ryan, 33, who had been attending sex parties for about 10 years, said this kind of revelry was nothing new but it could have been easier for the organisers to hide it in the past.

He said some organisers encouraged participants to go topless to spice things up but in most cases, the themes were sexual in nature.

"Women who turn up tend to wear the skimpiest costumes," he said, adding that guests included the wealthy, children of prominent personalities and even local celebrities.

Ryan said most parties would start off with alcoholic drinks after which people would pop pills to loosen up.

"The drugs make mingling around easier," he said.

Another party-goer who preferred to remain anonymous said it was common for men to pick up women at these parties.

"Nothing beats being high on drugs and drunk and ending up having sex," he said.

Police are investigating reports that several such sex parties are being planned to be held simultaneously in luxurious apartments and affluent premises in four cities in the peninsula on May 4.