$13mil bonanza for Toto punters

PETALING JAYA - A fruit wholesaler, a financial adviser and a music teacher turned millionaires overnight when they won RM34mil (S$13mil)in the lottery.

The fruit wholesaler from Perak, a regular punter of Toto jackpot games, won RM19.7mil from the Toto 4D Jackpot 1.

The man in his 50s said he would particularly pursue a Toto jackpot game whenever the prize money crossed the RM15mil mark.

His winning numbers were 1312 and 8372, both registration number plates of vehicles used in his business.

When he broke the news to his wife, she did not believe him as he always joked about such things.

She was only convinced when he showed her his winning bet ticket and the results on the Sports Toto smartphone application on his iPad.

The man said the prize money would cover his children's education and enable him to buy property.

In the case of the financial adviser from Perlis who took home RM10.2mil, he bought the winning ticket while on holiday in Penang.

The man in his 60s said he and his family were enjoying hawker food when he saw a Toto outlet nearby and decided to try his luck.

He asked for a Supreme Toto 6/58 System 7 Lucky Pick ticket.

He said Penang was always his favourite holiday destination and as it turned out, a lucky place for him.

The man said he planned to get a house in Penang for his retirement soon.

Lady Luck also smiled on a music teacher from Johor who won RM4.4mil from the Toto 6D first prize.

The woman in her 40s said she dreamt of the numbers 0, 1 and 3 and came up with the combination of "303103" which won her the prize.

While she normally gambled in moderate sums, she placed a bigger bet than usual as she thought it was odd to have dreamt of numbers.

She said she would use the cash for her children's education and for her dream holiday.