15 senior citizens saved from abuse

FIFTEEN elderly men were found locked up in what appeared to be an illegally-run old folks home at a single-storey premise in Jitra, Kedah.

Wong Kim Teng, 67, was one of those rescued and claimed he was brought to the place in June by two men posing as policemen, China Press reported.

He said he was told to surrender his belongings there.

The person in charge at the home would wake them up at 5am daily and give them each a cup of coffee for breakfast.

"Sometimes we would get biscuits," said Wong, adding that lunch consisted of vegeta­rian dishes with rice, while dinner was at 8pm.

He also said the old folks were beaten up if they disobeyed the person in charge.

The men were rescued by the Alor Setar MCA Crisis Relief Squad and police on Saturday following a report lodged by a family about a missing man.