19 festive price-controlled items in Johor

PONTIAN - Johor has listed 19 items under its festive price control scheme.

State Tourism, Domestic Trade and Consumerism Committee chairman Datuk Tee Siew Kiong said the scheme would be in force until June 30.

He said supermarkets, grocery stores, markets and other outlets must adhere to the scheme.

The controlled items include live chickens, local beef meat, buffalo meat from India and grade A, B and C chicken eggs.

Also in the list are red chillies, tomatoes, cabbage from Indonesia and China, coconut seeds, grated coconut, Indian red onions, imported large onions, imported sweet potatoes and garlic from China, and mackerel.

"During the period, it is compulsory for traders to use pink price tags for the controlled items so that customers will know," Tee told reporters after launching the scheme at We Mart supermarket here yesterday.

"Those who overcharge face fines up to RM100,000 (S$32,321) or a jail term of not more than three years, or both."