2 agencies to remove carcass of sea creature

SANTUBONG - The remains of the unidentified sea creature that was washed ashore at Pasir Pandak on Saturday will be removed by Sarawak Museum and the Zoology Department today.

However, the identity of the marine animal remains a mystery.

Muhammad Hamzah Man, 45, a villager and a technician at Pasir Pandak D'Cove Family Park, who discovered the remains, said he had informed the authorities.

"Sarawak Museum and the Zoology Department will remove the remains to avoid the smell from spreading."

Hamzah said he was unsure of the identity of the creature but said it could be a dolphin or a dugong because of its head structure.

Pasir Pandak D'Cove Family Park café owner Latifah Serah, 57, said she heard the news from her husband and went to the beach to have a look at the carcass.

"I was shocked. Its bones look like those of a dinosaur and it was very big. I have not seen anything like it before."

She said the creature had decomposed. There was a stench although the authorities had buried it in the sand on Saturday afternoon.