2 Singaporeans drown in Tioman

ROMPIN - Two Singaporeans drowned during a diving outing in Pantai Air Batang, Tioman, in a series of drowning incident involving foreigners in the popular island.

The victims, aged 35 and 48, were brought to the shore by other divers during the incident at about 12pm on Saturday.

Deputy OCPD Asst Supt Zainul Mujahidin Mat Yudin said cardiopulmonary resuscitation was performed on the victims but they already turned pale and not breathing.

ASP Zainul Mujahidin said the case had been classified as sudden death and their remains had been sent for a post-mortem.

"Initial investigation showed both victims and a woman were in a group diving in the site about 25m from the shores.

"One of them was a diving instructor and the other his student," he said, adding that the woman who spotted the two men in difficulties quickly waved frantically for help.

ASP Zainul Mujahidin said a group of other divers nearby rushed to their assistance and managed to bring them out of the water.

However, both victims were confirmed dead and police were alerted to the scene.

Last month, a couple from Syria lost their eight-year-old in Pulau Salang after the child went for a swim without their knowledge.

Passers-by spotted the remains of Saad Abdul Karim Mohd Altayasinah floating in the water before alerting the authorities.

Police also recovered the remains of two unidentified persons, believed to be foreigners who have drowned, in Kampung Mukut and Pulau Tulai, respectively.

Both victims were decomposed and without any personal documents.