2 sisters killed in house fire

BINTULU, Malaysia - TWO young sisters, left alone at home in Kampung Baru Seberang Taman Sebiew, were burnt to death in a fire yesterday.

In the 1pm incident, firemen recovered the charred remains of Olivia Natasha Eddy, 4, and her sister, Christina Christy Eddy, 5, at their wooden squatter house near the Sebiew People's Housing Scheme, about 7km from here.

District Fire and Rescue Department spokesperson said the siblings were believed to be trying to cook lunch when the kitchen stove fell, causing fire to engulf the whole house.

"They were alone in the house when it caught fire and their bodies were discovered at the kitchen area," he told The New Straits Times when contacted.

He said they received a distress call at 1.17pm and arrived at the scene at 1.28pm.

However, their work was hampered as the firemen had to cross a river using boats to reach the house.

"We had to send two teams using boats to the other side of the river and we managed to put out the fire within 40 minutes using a portable pump," he said.

Bernama quoted Bintulu police chief Superintendent Madang Usat saying that the girls were home alone as their elder sister had gone to fetch their brother from school while their parents were away at work.

The cause of the fire was being investigated.