25 dengue deaths in Selangor

Health Ministry enforcement officers taking samples to check for mosquito larvae in a Petaling Jaya construction site yesterday.

SHAH ALAM - The number of dengue fatalities in Selangor from Jan 1 to April 5 this year has surpassed the number of fatalities recorded in the state last year.

Local Government, Research and Development Committee chairman Datuk Teng Chang Khim said 14,654 dengue cases and 25 dengue-related deaths had been recorded in the state up to April 5, compared with 24 deaths in the whole of last year.

"I want to remind the people to spend 10 minutes a day to find and eliminate the breeding grounds of the aedes mosquito because they only need very little water to breed," he said at the lobby of the Selangor state assembly building yesterday.

He highlighted a village in Sungai Chua, Kajang, which was previously a dengue hotspot for 33 days. He urged residents there to cooperate with the local council to keep the environment clean.

"The state government was informed of the dengue epidemic in week 43 last year (around October) and we have since held weekly meetings with local councils, gotong-royong and briefings for the people to tackle the issue.

"The weekly meetings will continue until we reduce the number of cases to less than 500 per week. Selangor recorded 624 cases in week 14 this year, from March 30 to April 5."

Despite the downward trend in the number of dengue cases in March from 1,102 cases in week 11 to 624 in week 14, Teng reminded Selangor citizens to be vigilant in eradicating aedes breeding grounds.

In Malacca, there has been a 500 per cent increase in dengue cases reported from December until now, with 855 cases.

State Health and Sports Development Committee chairman Datuk Ab Rahaman Ab Karim said of the total, Melaka Tengah district recorded 672 cases, Alor Gajah (104) and Jasin (79).

The state also recorded three dengue deaths, with two cases in Melaka Tengah and one in Jasin, involving two men and a woman.

"The drastic increase, compared with only 132 cases in the same period last year, has placed Malacca second after Negri Sembilan with the highest number of dengue cases. Negri Sembilan reported an increase of 1,339 per cent, or 1,223 dengue cases."

Other places with a high number of dengue cases include Wilayah Persekutuan.

An integrated operation, dubbed Op Gempur Khas, was held in construction sites in Ayer Keroh here yesterday.

The operation was participated by 80 enforcement officers from the state Health Department, Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council and State Construction Industry Development Board. 

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