2,500 people enjoy car free city streets

KUALA LUMPUR - The second edition of the KL Car Free morning saw numerous roads closed off to allow some 2,500 people on bicycles, roller blades, skateboards and joggers to participate in the event.

Mayor Datuk Seri Ahmad Phesal Talib said the event was a resounding success as participants were able to move around freely along the closed off roads without fear of any motorised vehicles driving past.

The event is aimed to create awareness for KLites to leave their cars and motorised vehicles and enjoy travelling in the city using other means.

Participants were able to cycle and jog past several roads that were closed off for the event between 6am and 9am yesterday.

The mayor himself got into the act as he cycled from his house in Bukit Tunku about 6km towards the starting line near Dataran Merdeka before cycling with the rest of the participants.

Ahmad Phesal hopes to imitate the examples set in other cities around the world, like in New York and Jakarata, where they have made their cities safe and convenient for people who go car-free.

"All this time, Kuala Lumpur had been focusing on providing services to accommodate the rise in traffic in the city but we had not paid much attention to the human element if they choose not to drive into the city," he said.