37-year-old married man is $1,265 poorer

KUALA LUMPUR - A married man looking for some fun in cyberspace ended up RM3,300 (S$1,265) poorer after being blackmailed by a "beautiful Filipina".

Salesman Kelvin Chong, 37, was ecstatic when the woman, who introduced herself as Sarah Mae, wanted to befriend him in the Tagged social media site.

On May 1, two weeks into the online "relationship", the woman sent him a Facebook message, saying that if she were to show herself nude to him over Skype, he should do the same.

When she showed several provocative pictures of herself, he reci­procated by showing parts of his nude body and sent her four erotic pictures of himself.

The next day, he was shocked when she sent him a list of all his family members and friends on Facebook and threatened to expose his nude video clip.

"If you don't pay RM2,500, I will post the video," she warned.

Out of fear of embarrassment, Kelvin transferred the amount to an address in Marikina City in the Philippines via Western Union bank as demanded. But it wasn't enough. She called him again and asked for another RM2,500.

Kelvin negotiated for the amount to be reduced to RM800 and wired the money the next day.

He related the story of his "sextortion" to MCA public services and complaints department chief Datuk Seri Michael Chong yesterday.

Chong said the department had received 10 such cases since 2012 and six of out the victims were men, adding that cases of "sextortion" involving Filipinas were becoming common in the region.

There are about 600 such cases in Hong Kong, resulting in the detention of 58 Filipinos in the territory.

"You will be paying until you die. Don't pay; fight to the end and don't even give one cent," Chong advised victims.