5 to be released on police bail over assault video of elderly woman

Screengrabs form the video show the victim being hit several times by an unknown person.
PHOTO: Video screengrabs

KUALA LUMPUR - Police say their hands are tied on the investigation into a viral video of an elderly woman being abused, saying the victim has brushed off the violence in the clip as being "just a joke".

Cheras OCPD Asst Comm Chong Kok Sin said five people, four women and a man, who were picked up for questioning over the video would be released on police bail.

This comes after the granddaughter of the 66-year-old victim retracted her police report, claiming that the women in the video were "joking around" with her grandmother.

"Our inspector and a team of police went to the flat to investigate after the report was lodged and the victim told us that the video was a joke.

"We identified the five people in the video and took them to the Salak Selatan police station for questioning.

"But the victim does not want us to continue with the case. She said 'they always fool around' in the flat," said ACP Chong on Monday.

Checks at a clinic found that the woman sustained no injuries following the video, which went viral on Friday after being uploaded on Facebook.

ACP Chong said the victim's granddaughter had lodged a report after seeing the video and feared for her grandmother's safety.

The victim has been living in the flat with the suspects for about three months. She had reportedly refused to live with her family due to a dispute.

In the 48-second video, the victim who was clad in red and seen squatting on the floor was hit several times by an unknown person.

When the person hits her one more time after a brief pause, she tossed water from a bowl at the attacker who then pushed her down onto the floor before hitting her more violently.

At this point, several girls tried to help the elderly lady to prevent the aggressor from hitting her.

She appeared to be unhurt and was later helped to her feet. The video also recorded expletives in Tamil and people laughing loudly.