5 things to know about Malaysia's new King

Sultan Muhammad V, the 15th King of Malaysia, at a welcoming ceremony at Parliament House in Kuala Lumpur on December 13, 2016.

Malaysia crowned its 15th King, Sultan Muhammad V, in a colourful ceremony in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday (Dec 13).

Born in Kota Baru as Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra ibni Sultan Ismail Petra, Muhammad V was Crown Prince of Kelantan before he became its Sultan in 2010.

Under Malaysia's unique rotational monarchy among nine hereditary state rulers, the new king, who is officially known as Yang di-Pertuan Agong (He Who Is Made Lord), will hold office for five years.

The role is largely ceremonial in nature but wields considerable prestige.

So, what is Malaysia's new King like? Here are 5 things to know about him.

1) He is one of the youngest Malaysian Kings

Sultan Muhammad V is one of the country's youngest constitutional monarchs to ascend the throne. At 47, he is half the age of his predecessor, Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah, who at 89, was the country's oldest monarch, reported the BBC.

A few other sultans were reportedly in their 40s when they were sworn in as monarch.

2) He has no queen by his side

He is the first Yang di-Pertuan Agong in history to reign without a queen consort or Raja Permaisuri Agong in Malay. But he is not without company at home - he keeps horses, cats, chickens and birds as pets, reported The New Straits Times, which shows his gentle nature.

3) He bonds with people, assists those in need

To promote a healthy lifestyle and unity among his people, he has held walkathons in Kota Baru, which have seen large numbers of participants, reported The Star and The New Straits Times.

Reportedly popular with his people, he is also known for promoting welfare and for his philanthropic ways such as giving houses to flood victims.

Malaysia enthrones new king

  • Malaysia installed its 15th king, Sultan Muhammad V, a relatively youthful monarch known for his fondness for four-wheel driving and other extreme sports.
  • In a ceremony steeped in pomp and centuries of tradition, the 47-year-old Sultan, dressed in gold-coloured traditional Malay formal wear, took the oath of office in the national palace in Kuala Lumpur.
  • The ceremony, marked by honour guards and Islamic prayers, was televised nationally and attended by Prime Minister Najib Razak and hundreds of guests decked out in Islamic finery.
  • Sultan Muhammad V, currently the ceremonial ruler of the conservative Islamic northern state of Kelantan, takes the national throne under the rotating monarchy in place since independence from Britain in 1957.
  • In a unique arrangement, the throne of the Muslim-majority country changes hands every five years between the rulers of the nine Malaysian states still headed by Islamic royalty.
  • Sultan Muhammad V replaces Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah from the northern state of Kedah, now 89, who was king previously in the 1970s and became the first person to hold the position twice.

4) He enjoys extreme sports

He loves four-wheel-drive vehicles and is keen on extreme sports like off-road driving, archery and endurance challenges, reported The Star. He also enjoys horse riding, golf, football and bowling.

5) Known to be a devout Muslim

Sultan Muhammad V is known to visit mosques around the Kelantan state and pray with the congregation. He is accompanied by his Islamic teacher when he travels abroad, reported the Malay Mail.

He did diplomatic and Islamic studies at St Cross College at the University of Oxford and the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies. As king, he is regarded as the symbolic head of Islam in the country.