6 Chiang Mai bus crash victims from same family, 4 died

The tourist bus after it crashed on a mountain roadside of Doi Saket district, Chiang Mai province.
PHOTO: The Star

BATU PAHAT: A family of six were among the victims of the Chiang Mai bus crash incident, four of whom died including an 85-year-old, the oldest member of the tour group.

Low Chee Lan was on holiday in Chiang Mai with her second son Tan Yang Soon, 64, and as her youngest daughter Tan Sui Heng's family when their chartered bus crashed into another vehicle before hitting a power pole and plunging into a ravine on Sunday.

Yang Soon survived the incident but his eldest daughter Tan Thin Thin, 39, was not as lucky.

His sister Sui Heng and her husband Ker Boon Kwang, 57, were among the deceased but their daughter Ker Shin Hui, 28, escaped with injuries.

Yang Soon's brother-in-law Lim Poh Teot said that the former's two sons had left for Chiang Mai early Monday morning after learning of the incident on Sunday evening.

"We are all in shock. My sister (Yang Soon's wife) especially is very emotional now.

"Her two sons are expected to arrive Thailand tonight, so we are waiting for updates from them," he told reporters when met here on Monday.

Meanwhile, Chiu Travel Agency general manager Terence Yung said all 22 Malaysian victims would be receiving insurance compensation amounting to RM100,000 per person.

He said that the company is currently liaising with the insurance company to helped out the victims as well as their next-of-kin.

"Before they went to Chiang Mai on Dec 17, they already took travel insurance as it is important as well as a norm for our travel company.

"What we do have right now is that 10 people are injured including a traveller in a coma," he added.