7 suspects in teenage girls' rape case still at large, say cops

KOTA BARU, Malaysia - Kelantan police are on the hunt for seven more suspects believed to be involved in the gang rape of two teenage girls in a vacant house in Ketereh here on May 20.

Kelantan police chief Datuk Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman said investigations revealed the suspects, aged in their 20s, were still on the loose.

"The manhunt for the suspects is actively going on," he said in a statement here Tuesday.

Jalaludidin said based on investigations, the two victims aged, 15 and 17, were not raped by 38 men as alleged in an earlier report.

"However it is believed they were raped by the same people repeatedly," he said.

In the police report lodged by the victims on May 26, he said, the duo said they were raped in two separate places, at a vacant house and at a suspect's house in Ketereh.

He said police investigation revealed the incident involved 13 suspects in the first location and eight suspects in the second.

Police have already arrested 14 men, aged between 15 and 38, he said.

He said the police had completed investigations on the alleged gang rape case involving the two girls.

The case has been referred to the Kelantan state prosecution unit head and four suspects will be charged in court under section 376 (2) of the Penal Code and to be read with section 34 of the same act.