7m python shot dead after killing two goats

KUANTAN, Pahang - A 7m-long python was shot dead after it tried to swallow two goats in Kampung Darat Jering in Sungai Ular on Wednesday.

The goat breeder had to seek help from his neighbour to shoot the python when he saw the reptile attacking a 2-year-old female goat and its week-old kid inside a pen.

Mohd Khairul Anwar Osman, 30, said earlier, he heard some noises from the pen, about 50m from his house.

When he used his car headlights to light up the area, he was shocked to see the python coiling in the pen with the two dead goats near it.

"I took a parang and tried to chase the reptile away. However, I decided to get help from my neighbours when I realised that it was quite big," said Khairul, who keeps three adult and two young goats in the pen.

He said one of his neighbours used his shotgun and shot the reptile three times.

With the help of five neighbours, he pulled out the 200kg python before burying it near the goat pen.

"I will use the goat carcasses to lure other pythons, which I believe are still lurking in this area," said Khairul, who had lost about 20 goats to pythons in the past nine years.

"There were times when I could only watch when a python swallowed my goat as I dared not go near the pen."