9-year loan costs M'sian his wife

He took a RM270,000 (S$106,000) from an unlicensed moneylender nine years ago.

Over the years, the salesman, 39, from Malacca claims he lost everything - even his wife - to the loan shark. It seems there is no end in sight because he is still being hounded by the loan shark.

Earlier this month, the salesman received a call from a man claiming to be an agent of the loan shark, demanding he pay the sum owed.

This was the latest incident of harassment against him, The Star reported. In May, his car was allegedly damaged by the loan shark.

The following month, his house and his brother's car were splashed with red paint and a note demanding RM600,000 was placed there.

Despite handing over all his assets in 2005, the loan shark still demanded that his wife, then 29, work for him. A year later, the salesman claimed he got a divorce notice from her.

In an interview on Tuesday, he said he suspects that the loan shark was behind the divorce and that his ex-wife is still working for him.

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