Actor and wife win assault suit in Malaysia

Mohd Yazid Lim Mohamad Aziz and his wife Rozlinawaty.

KUALA LUMPUR- Mohd Yazid Lin Mohamad Aziz and his wife were awarded RM170,100 (S$56,200) by a High Court here over a suit the actor and comedian brought against a drama director and a film production company.

The suit was over injuries he suffered during a discussion at a restaurant four years ago.

Justice Su Geok Yiam awarded Mohd Yazid, popularly known as Johan Raja Lawak, RM100,000 damages for the permanent scars on his face and eyes, and RM100 for medical report and medication.

"The court takes note that Mohd Yazid, being an actor, relies on his face to earn a living and of course, his competence as an actor," she said in her judgement yesterday.

Justice Su also awarded Johan and his wife, actress Rozlinawaty Ismail or better known as Ozlynn Wati, RM50,000 in costs and RM20,000 in damages to Rozlinawaty for the trauma she suffered.

She also instructed 5 per cent interest to be awarded to Mohd Yazid and Rozlinawaty from the date of the judgement until full payment was made.

On July 18, 2010, Mohd Yazid, 29, and Rozlinawaty, 32, filed a RM1mil suit against Mohd Javed Mohd Nizar and Juara Filem Sdn Bhd.

They claimed that Mohd Javed assaulted and hurled a drinking glass at Mohd Yazid, causing injuries to the forehead, when they met for a discussion at the restaurant in Sikamat, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan on May 11, 2010.

In the statement of claims, Mohd Yazid, who is also a radio deejay, claimed that Mohd Javed flipped their table in anger and that he (Mohd Yazid) was also punched in the eye by a production crew member, known only as Halim.

Mohd Yazid claimed that Mohd Javed and Halim continued to hit and kick him, and when Rozlinawaty tried to stop them, she was also assaulted.

The comedian also claimed that the director had written and sent a defamatory e-mail against them to the Malaysian Artiste Association on May 20, 2010.