Actor threatens teacher for planning to elope with sister

A teacher in Perlis claimed a popular actor posted a death threat against him on Facebook, Harian Metro said.

Azahar Hassan, 43, said he learned from a friend that his picture was posted in the actor's Facebook page on Jan 30, with the message: "WANTED: Dead or alive, injured, OKU, or disabled, with reward."

Azahar, who claims he now suffers from phobia and fear, lodged a police report at the Kangar police station at 11pm on Monday.

"I have four children and I worry about their safety. This is not the first time he has done this," added the teacher, saying the actor once assaulted him at a restaurant in town.

Asked to comment on the matter, the actor had no qualms about admitting he uploaded Azahar's image and making the threat against the teacher.

"That man has two wives and has the intention to marry my sister," he said, alleging the primary school teacher was planning to run away to Thailand to marry his 32-year-old sister.

"I am just carrying out my responsibility as the eldest brother," he said, adding that he was aware of a police report against him.