After travelling 11,000km seniors fail to get visa into Saudi Arabia

Two men in their 60s travelled across eight countries on their bicycles, hoping to reach Mecca and perform the haj but their hopes were dashed when they could not get visas to enter Saudi Arabia from Jordan.

Abdul Karim Salleh, 64, and Ramli Yusoff, 63, covered 11,000km in five months, Harian Metro reported.

However, Abdul Karim, a former military commando, said they were undeterred by the setback and would attempt to cycle to Mecca again if they were still fit.

The duo started their journey on April 11 from Semenyih, Selangor.

After stops in Bangkok, India, Iran and Turkey they finally arrived in Jordan on Sept 2.

However, after waiting 24 days for their visas they decided to give up their dream and fly back to Malaysia.