Ahbabovic’s ex-girlfriend dismisses claims she wanted his sperm

PETALING JAYA - The former girlfriend of Bosnian Ervin Ahbabovic dismissed claims by him that she only wanted his sperm with its European genes in order to have "better offspring".

"My genes are better than his," said an incredulous Melanie (not her real name) during an interview at The Star office yesterday on condition of anonymity.

"He always claims he is superior but there's no such thing as a superior gene," said the 29-year-old who described herself as entrepreneurial and well educated but declined to elaborate.

Melanie admitted that she had been in a relationship with Ahba­bovic, 41. They met at a hotel in 2008. But she said that she has since realised her error.

"No one will love a bigoted, unintelligent man like him," she said.

She claimed that he had abused her physically and emotionally during the years they were together.

"He would beat me up and keep me disconnected from everyone I know until I recovered, so that no one would see my injuries," Melanie claimed.

"He made me feel that what he was doing to me was normal. He even made sure that my family and friends were pushed away so I wouldn't have anyone to turn to.

"He also used my phone to send messages to his phone, so that he could show his friends that I was hard up for him," she said.

According to her, she isn't the only woman to be abused by Ahbabovic. She said she found out that he had abused his wife many years earlier, who has since divorced him and remarried.

But she said he had given her a different picture when they were first getting to know each other.

"He told me his ex-wife had done something really bad to him. It was a sob story and I pitied him. I even gave him money and lent him a car," Melanie said.

She claimed that her ex-boyfriend is an "abusive and offensive man," has a criminal record, and has been imprisoned for sexual molestation.

But his stay in prison was short, she said, adding that he was freed but not acquitted.

She said Ahbabovic had also claimed to be suffering from psychological problems as a result of being in the war (in Bosnia) and that he had worked for intelligence agencies.

"He is a sociopath. He will make you believe that he's a nice guy," Melanie said.

She wanted out from the abusive relationship several times. "I tried to kick him out from my life but he wouldn't let me," she said.

"I didn't stab him, he stabbed himself in the arm. He threatened suicide if I left him.

"He also threatened to ruin my life if I left him, and he did. I didn't expect this after a year (of not seeing him)," she added.

She said she finally gathered the strength to leave him last year and kicked him out of her home.

In retaliation, she said, Ahbabovic stalked her and filed the suit against her. "He is like Gargamel (in The Smurfs); he's not the smartest wizard but still dangerous," she said.

They had a child together, but Melanie is not allowing the boy to see Ahbabovic now. "Nobody should expose a child to a maniac like him," she said.

"He doesn't bother about our child or me. All he cares about is his 15 minutes of fame," she added.

Melanie has lodged several police reports against Ahbabovic and describes his suit against her as "a joke" and "a total surprise".