All Malaysia Airlines planes landed safely in Jeddah: MAS


PETALING JAYA - Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB) confirmed that all its planes landed safely in storm-swept Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

It could not, however, verify the authenticity of a video, which was uploaded on social media, showing a plane resembling a Malaysia Airlines aircraft taxiing beside a road.

The clip was taken by a motorist who was driving alongside the plane.

"All our aircraft landed in Jeddah safely. Due to a sandstorm all aircraft were instructed by Air Traffic Control to be stationary on the taxiway," a MAB spokesman told Bernama.

Bernama Radio 24 tweeted the incident on Saturday evening, stating that a spokesperson from King Abdul Aziz International Airport confirmed it.

MAB, however, replied to the tweet requesting its retraction, as the information was not confirmed.