'Allah' word is exclusive right to Muslims and banned for use by others: Kedah Sultan

ALOR STAR - The Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah reminded the rakyat to respect religious and racial sensitivities, such as the usage of 'Allah' word to preserve peace and stability.

The King stressed that the National Fatwa Council had ruled in 1986 that several words including the Allah word are exclusive right of the Muslims and banned for use by non-Muslims.

"In the context of multi-racial society, religious sensitivity in particular Islam as the official religion of the Federation must be observed.

"Confusion and controversy could be averted if all party abide by the law and judicial decisions," the King said in his speech at the investiture ceremony held in conjunction with Sultan of Kedah's 86th birthday at Istana Anak Bukit here today.

His speech was read by Sultan of Kedah Council of Regency chairman Tan Sri Tunku Annuar Sultan Badlishah.

The King said mutual respect of religion and race among the multi-racial society, which has been the pillar of peace and stability, should be uphold.

"Without stability, the state and the country would be in chaos and it is feared that enemies from within will seize the opportunity to implement their agenda,"he said.

In his speech, the King also urged Muslims to reject other beliefs other than Sunni, such as Shia to preserve the interest of the ummah.

He said this is paramount to avoid civil wars among Muslims which are taking place in other Muslim countries.