Ambiga: There will definitely be a Bersih 4.0 rally if EC does not respond

KUALA LUMPUR - Bersih chairman Datuk S. Ambiga has announced that Bersih 4.0 will definitely take place unless the current Elections Commission (EC) steps down.

Addressing the crowd at a Parti Sosialis Malay­sia (PSM) fund-raising dinner in a school hall in Jalan Hang Jebat in KL, Ambiga said that she guarantees demonstrations will be held if the EC proceeds with its planned delineation of parliamentary and state constituency boundaries before the electoral rolls are cleaned.

"This is not a threat but a promise. We have to take it out there and make them realise we mean business," she said.

"We can see the evidence in the RCI (Royal Commission of Inquiry) in Sabah that the electoral roll in Sabah and whole of Malaysia needs cleaning up. If the delineation is done now, we will be stuck for the next eight years and things will not change," she added.

When asked how soon Bersih 4.0 is expected to be held, Ambiga said that it depended on EC's response.

"I would like to see some response from them. I want to see a response that they will clean the electoral roll before proceeding," she said.

Despite her strong declaration, Ambiga also stated that Bersih's focus now is the Bersih People's Tribunal on GE13 which is scheduled to be held between Sept 18 and 23.

The tribunal, aimed at hearing the proof of alleged irregularities and fraud during previous general elections, will see six independent foreign and local parties reviewing the materials presented.