Animal welfare group: We did not steal dogs

Rescuers removing the caged animals, some of which had open wounds and were severely malnourished, from a bungalow in Subang, Selangor, which is believed to be an illegal animal breeding facility.

PETALING JAYA - The president of an animal welfare group who rescued 31 dogs from a breeder in Subang recently, has refuted claims that the group was stealing the dogs.

Persatuan Sukarelawan Penyelamat Haiwan president T. Puspa Rani (pic) refuted the claims saying that she followed all procedures before the raid was conducted.

"We did not steal the dogs, but people now think that I stole the dogs.

"I'm fighting for stray dogs and I love dogs. Now, people have doubts about me and our organisation," she told The Star yesterday.

Puspa Rani clarified that the group had lodged a police report before going on the raid with the police and the media.

She added that officials from the Veterinary Service Department and the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan) went to the site the following day to follow up on the matter.

Puspa Rani also cleared the air about claims made by other office bearers of the group about fighting to prevent the organisation from being de-registered by the Selangor Registrar of Societies (RoS).

She clarified that she was the one who appealed to the RoS to revoke the de-registration of the group.

"I was the one who submitted the letter of appeal that was dated Dec 3.

"People now think I am running away. I did not, I did my part," she said, adding that three of the four office bearers who allegedly lodged police reports against the society had already resigned.

Puspa Rani also said that it was not possible for her to issue cheques or make withdrawals from the society's account as it required the signatures of two other office bearers.

She said she was now running the shelter using her own funds as the account has been frozen since April.

"Despite all of this, I am still using my own funds to run the shelter," she said, adding that she did it all for the love of the dogs.

She held back tears as she refuted claims by the other office bearers implicating that in last Saturday's flash flood incident, the dogs had drowned as they were locked in their cages.

She said the flash flood came all of a sudden and rose to over two meters high and she herself had to hang on to a tree nearby.

"None of the committee members has been to the shelter this year. Since 2012, they have only turned up several times. They do not know the situation here," she said.

She also clarified that the Malaysian Independent Animal Rescue was only the name used for her personal Facebook page and was a separate entity from the Persatuan Sukarelawan Penyelamat Haiwan, which is the actual group that is registered with RoS.