Another handphone explodes while charging

PETALING JAYA: Another phone has exploded when it was being charged, although no one was injured this time, reported mStar Online.

Entertainment journalist Tengku Khalidah Tengku Bidin said that the incident occurred at 9.30pm on Saturday when her daughter named Dina was charging her phone in one of the rooms of their house in Setiawangsa.

"I was in the kitchen, and was shocked when my child was shouting fire, fire.There was fire and smoke from the handphone. Luckily no one was holding it the time. I always remind my child not to use the handphone when it is being charged," she said in a Facebook post that has gone viral.

Tengku Khalidah said that the handphone exploded about half an hour after it was charged and that a pillow was also burned in the process,

She quickly switched off the electricity mains of her house.

She suspected that there was a problem with the battery of the handphone.

Tengku Khalidah was however relieved that no one was hurt in the incident and hoped people would learn from her experience.

"I hope people would be more careful while charging their phones so that the same incident doesn't occur. Take it as a lesson so that we can avoid such an accident," Tengku Khalidah told mStar Online.