Aussie actress' son back home with his father

Eliza Szonert and her son.
PHOTO: / New Idea

PETALING JAYA - The seven-year-old son of former Australian actress Eliza Szonert is back with his father Ashley Crick.

Griffin Crick was seen at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport being handed over by Szonert's mother Kay to Ashley's parents at about 10.30am last Friday. He then flew home to Australia.

The boy was returned 22 days after he was allegedly kidnapped by the actress with the help of two burly men.

It was believed that the boy was cared for by Szonert's parents over the last three weeks. He was made to stay in several hotels around Kuala Lumpur by Szonert in an effort to avoid detection.

Father and son have now been reunited in Melbourne, Australia.

"Eliza's mother finally turned him over to Ash's parents in accordance with the court order," a source close to the family said.

Crick also broke the news over Facebook, garnering 543 likes and 32 shares.

"My son has been returned!!! I can't provide any details at this stage, but wanted to let everybody who has followed this horrible ordeal know, that Griffin has been returned, and that he is safe.

"Your support has done more than you can imagine to help me get through this whole experience. I can't thank you enough," he said.

On Dec 10, the Neighbours star was accompanied by two men to a shopping complex to meet Crick. She then left with their son.

It was reported that Szonert came to Malaysia with her son to live with Crick, who stayed and worked here, before they had a falling out.

The actress claimed she could not return to Australia with Griffin as her ex-partner had been withholding her passport.

Crick, 43, lodged a police report at the Brickfields police station on the night of the incident.

Szonert was ordered to return Griffin by Christmas Day, but missed the deadline. Crick lodged another police report on Dec 26 stating that Szonert had failed to hand over their son to him despite him being granted full custody by the Australian Federal Circuit Court.