Baby arrives in back seat of car

JOHOR BARU - This baby girl sure knew how to make a surprise entrance on Mothers Day. She "arrived" at the back seat of a car.

Earlier, her 33-year-old mother Siti Rohaida Basiron experienced contractions when she was attending the 7am assembly at SMK Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar in Gelang Patah where she teaches.

"I wanted to drive myself to the nearest hospital but the principal, Tarifa Sawir, decided to take me there instead," she said, adding that another teacher and a school staff member also came along.

Tarifa said she had never driven that fast in her life. "I felt like I was a race car driver," she recalled.

"There were so many obstacles, including a dog which suddenly dashed across the road, and a lorry which was moving too slowly on the fast lane," she said.

Tarifa said that she also kept on reminding Siti Rohaida to "hold it" in. But just as they were about to reach a nearby clinic, the baby girl was born.

Siti Rohaida said that the hospital staff had to cut the umbilical cord inside the car as it was difficult to bring both of them out.

"I still can't believe what happened, but thank God that both of us are fine now," she said, adding that the baby was due only on June 1.

She is married to teacher Razib Danial Riban, 29. They have a four-year-old son, Aniq Danial Harith.

"This will definitely be one Mothers Day that will be remembered forever," Siti Rohaida said, adding that she had yet to decide on a name for the baby.