Baby in terror ride comes out of coma

KUALA TERENGGANU - The baby who was the victim of a terror ride by a mentally unstable teenager has come out of his coma.

Abdul Pirhat Karim said his son, nine-month-old Ashraf Ikhwan, was in stable condition.

"Thankfully, my son is showing positive signs such as being able to respond and cry. He is also able to drink milk, although the doctor says he can only do so via a tube for now," said Abdul Pirhat, 34.

He added that Ashraf had been in a coma for two days and was transferred from the Intensive Care Unit to the children's ward at the Sultanah Nur Zahirah hospital here.

Ashraf was flung out of the family's MPV which had been taken over by the teenager, who crashed the vehicle along the East Coast Highway here on Monday evening.

Abdul Pirhat sustained a fractured right shoulder while his wife Che Mastura Che Awang, 31, suffered a broken rib.