Bad weather expected along coast of east Malaysia

PETALING JAYA - Rough weather will plague east Malaysia's northwestern coastline until Thursday, with the Meteorological Department advising seafarers to take care when going out to sea.

The Meteorological Department reported strong southwesterly winds of 40-50km/h with waves of up to 3.5m currently over waters off Miri, Labuan, Kudat and Sabah's interior and western coast.

"These strong winds and rough seas are dangerous to small ships and boats. Affected parties are advised to be careful and take the necessary safety steps," a spokesman said.

The spokesman said that rain was expected to form along the Limbang, Miri and Bintulu coast in Sarawak, Labuan, Pantai Barat and Kudat coast in Sabah.

It added that the rough weather was caused by a tropical storm occurring in the East Philippines region.

The storm had formed at 17°30' (17.5°) North and 132°40' (132.7°) East at around 11.05am on Monday.

"The weather warning will be in effect until tomorrow,"he said.