Bangkok blast: Remains of father and young daughter return home


BUTTERWORH - It was a solemn ceremony as the bodies of two victims killed in the Bangkok bomb blast returned home.

The bodies of Lee Tze Siang, 35, and his four-year-old daughter, Lee Jing Xuan, arrived at their home in Taman Cengal here in separate white vans at about 1.50am.

Present at the house when the caskets arrived was Tze Siang's six-year-old son, Lee Jian Han.

Close friends and family members, including Tze Siang's father Lee Tiang Heng, 61, were also there.

Tze Siang's wife, Neoh Ee Ling, 33, was not at the house.

The bodies of two other bomb victims, Ee Ling's mother Lim Saw Gek, 49, and her brother Neoh Jai Jun, 20, were at their family home in Taman Dedap, about two kilometres away.

Ee Ling's father, Neoh Hock Guan, 55, who is a prominent kuih seller in Sit Tat Garden here sustained minor injuries in the blast.

On Sunday, a bomb went off near the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, killing 20 people and injuring more than 120.

Four Malaysians have been confirmed as casualties of the incident, while a fifth, Lim Su See, is believed killed.