Bersih 4 organisers all ready to go

PETALING JAYA - Preparations for the Bersih 4 rally are almost complete, with committee members finalising the minor details yesterday evening.

Bersih secretariat manager Mandeep Karpall Singh said the organisers were "all ready to go".

"We have set up most of the mobile toilets and are finishing with the rest. Logistics are 70 per cent to 80 per cent done, mobilisation is complete, the medical and security teams are ready. We are just waiting for the day," he said.

He said the mood on the ground and on social media was "excited, like people just can't wait for it to start".

"All of us are getting ready for tomorrow, whether by resting at home or enjoying the atmosphere of unity," he added.

Meanwhile, Sabah Bersih said it was upbeat about the planned overnight "Pesta Demo­krasi" in Kota Kinabalu and assured the police that it would observe the law.

Although the police have issued a warning that the gathering is illegal and they will take action, Sabah Bersih spokesman Jannie Lasimbang said: "I don't think they will stop us from gathering at the Likas Bay Park beach area as long as we are orderly, have marshals to ensure everyone stays in line and follow orders."

However, she said the police were against their plans for a planned 6km walk to the city on Sunday after they dispersed from Likas Bay Park.

Forty-five lawyers, including 20 from the Sabah Law Association, will be on standby to assist those arrested or questioned by the police.

The Sabah Bersih organisers have planned several events, including talks and entertainment, between 3pm and 9pm today with some of the rally-goers staying overnight.