Beware the manipulative teacher

I have a relative who sends her daugher to a vernacular school in Serdang.

Her daughter is in Year Six and has been attending compulsory music lessons for the past three months on Saturdays.

The girl will continue having the music lessons until the middle of the year with some 30 pupils who are being trained for a special musical competition.

They were apparently handpicked by the school's music teacher for the event to be held overseas.

Last week, the pupils were told that there will be guitar lessons provided by an "outside" teacher for a fee.

The music teacher had discussed the matter with the pupils first before meeting the parents and seeking their permission.

I wonder if the approach taken by the teacher was ethical.

Should she not have asked the parents if their children could cope with the guitar lesson over and above the existing music lesssons they were already taking?

As it is, the extra hours for music lessons disrupts the weekend schedule for many parents.

If guitar lessons are to be included, it will not only take up precious time for the pupils, but become an additional cost for parents.

Was the teacher being manipulative? Was it a ploy by the school teacher to get the pupils all hyped-up about the guitar lessons before actually pushing the idea to the parents?

If that was the teacher's real intention, she had succeeded as the children were excited about having fun with the guitar more than the lessons.

I am writing this so that parents are aware of what certain teachers and schools are up to.